Colin Hanslip


The programme happened entirely by accident. My “day job” at the time involved working in the control centre of a train operating company, and shifts that had me working any time of any day. Therefore, it was impossible for me to do any live radio programmes on a regular basis, as my hours varied from week to week. In January 2006, Skyline Community Radio was taking to the air for the first time in Hampshire, and they did not have enough presenters to fill the schedule. As I had provided their IT systems and website, and knew the station manager from a previous station we had worked on, I agreed to provide him with a weekly pre-recorded programme of chillout music and that is how the Chill Factor was born. To be fair, the programme is very loosely based around another programme also called the Chill Factor that a friend of mine had done on a regional radio station based on the south coast of England, and he had suggested all along that I should continue the tradition he had started, so thanks for that Gary!

This picture was taken in my flat in Gosport, Hampshire, where I lived between 1999 and 2007, where the programme was first recorded (did I mention I record the Chill Factor at home?). The programme is put together using a wonderful piece of software called Myriad which allows me to give certain stations a customised part one of the programme where I mention their name, while providing a generic version for other stations where I don’t. The software also means I can leave it running, recording a total of three and a half hours of audio every week, which often happens while I am asleep! If you would like to have the programme on your radio station, please use the contact form below, and I will let you have the download details.